Aiven Raises $100M Series C, Which Makes Company Worth More than $800M

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Aiven, a software-based company that offers open-source technologies with cloud infrastructure, announced that it raised $100 million in its Series C. After receiving this investment, the total investment in the company is valued at more than $800 million. The Series C funding was a very interesting one, very suspenseful, and memorable, which was led by Atomico and cheered by the participants: Salesforce Ventures and World Innovation Lab as new investors. Earlybird Venture Capital was the lead investor in Aiven in Series A, and IVP was the lead investor in Series B. Both companies have committed that they are significantly interested in increasing the capital of Aiven.

Aiven stated that it will use these funds to bring new products to the market that will be enjoyed by its customers. Also, these funds will be used by the company to increase its contribution to developing open source technologies and accelerate the company’s expansion. Aiven is a company whose products are universally applicable, which means they are accepted all over the world without any objection. The fund raised by Aiven is now used for reserving unreserved markets. Its investors are also in favor of making products available to the New Economies. The company is also planning to double its headcount in the upcoming future and will launch a formal open source program office as well.

Aiven is one of the leading companies and is reaching the height of more and more success year by year. It is popular for efficiently and effectively managing and guiding open source projects like Apache Kafka and Cassandra, OpenSearch, M3, and PostgreSQL. Aiven is known for providing the best developers who create outstanding applications.

“We look at Aiven as a global category winner in the entire world for providing open source data infrastructure that works efficiently,” said Hiro Tamura, Partner at Atomico. He also said that “the open source tools that are provided by Aiven have no comparison because no one can stand in front of them and, at present, they are the dominant choice for the data needs of global companies.” Aiven’s open source tools are simple, scalable, and transparent, which makes them more user-friendly.

Oskari Saarenmaa, the CEO and co-founder of Aiven, said that “Champions Open Source, one of the great missions of Aiven, is making the lives of developers a better way to live.” He further added that “the funding we raise this time will allow us to develop new service capabilities, grow our team on a large scale, train them effectively and efficiently, expand our market in new economies, and significantly contribute to open sources.”

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