A Startup That Mitigates Bots and Fraud Detection Firm Human, Raised $100 Million Funding

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Human Security, a digital business in New York City that wants to put an end to bots and other fraudulent online activities, just announced on LinkedIn that it has raised $100 million in new growth capital.

The round, which was led by WestCap and included NightDragon, brings to a close a year of tremendous growth for human security and the greater cybersecurity sector.

In the fields of application security, digital advertising, and performance marketing, HUMAN now defends the biggest businesses and internet platforms in the world against sophisticated bot assaults and fraud. The company’s revenue growth rate increased by double in 2021, and the use of its specialist bot mitigation technology increased around the globe.

According to Tamer Hassan, co-founder, and CEO of Human Security, “they will consolidate their leading position to establish a safer and more human internet” with “this growth investment from WestCap, NightDragon, and other investors.”

Human play to win through collective protection by validating the humanity of 15 trillion contacts per week in order to repel intruders and tip the scales in their favor.

All cyberattacks use bots in 77% of cases. In a recent survey about holiday shopping, 53% of respondents claimed that bots pose a threat to their plans, and 51% said that if bots interfered with their purchasing experience, they would shop at a different retailer.

A bot specialist is the only way to protect yourself, according to 65% of security leaders who responded to an enterprise security survey by the research and analyst firm ESG. Due to the intensity and sophistication of attacks, bot control was ranked as one of the top five priorities by 90% of security leaders.

According to Kevin Marcus, Partner at WestCap, “Human security” is solving one of the most fundamental issues with the internet today: maintaining the human element in digital experiences. They think they’re in a special position to undermine the economics of cybercrime and stop billions of dollars worth of losses.

The cutting-edge protection approach used by HUMAN enables internet-class scale and observability, enhanced detection methods, and takedowns of hackers.

Disrupting 3ve with the assistance of the FBI, Google, Facebook, and numerous other market participants; bringing down Methbot, which recently resulted in the self-styled “King of Fraud” in charge of the operation receiving a 10-year prison sentence; and bringing down PARETO, the most sophisticated CTV botnet ever discovered, in partnership with Roku and Google.

Every business, according to Dave DeWalt, founder, managing director, and vice chairman of the board of Human understands that automated attacks on websites and applications that result in fraud and abuse are a substantial source of risk.

He works with hundreds of companies and their cybersecurity teams. The company stated that its contacts with them over the past year “have proven both us and the industry that human security is best positioned to handle these vulnerabilities by blocking attacks at the source.”

What Exactly Are Bots?

A computer program known as a bot often referred to as an online bot or a robot, simulates human behavior or acts as an agent for a user, another program, or both. Bots are typically used to automate particular jobs so they can be used without specific human instructions.

An organization or person can use a bot to take the position of a human who would otherwise have to do a repetitive task. Additionally, bots are far quicker than people at these tasks. Bots can perform helpful functions, but they can also be malicious and masquerade as malware.


A cybersecurity business called HUMAN guards against sophisticated bot attacks and fraud to preserve the human element in digital experiences. The digital experience for actual people is enhanced by their cutting-edge protection strategy, which enables internet-class size and observability, superior detection strategies, hacker intelligence, and takedowns.

Some of the biggest companies and internet platforms, now confirm the humanity of almost 15 trillion interactions each week. HUMAN may help you protect your online company.

About WestCap

WestCap collaborates with visionary entrepreneurs to create generational businesses as strategic investors and growth equity operators. Experienced business owners and company builders make up the WestCap team, which works closely with founders to help businesses scale. The business has locations in San Francisco, New York, and London.


What are the services provided by HUMAN?

Cybersecurity services.

What is the work of Human security?

To guard against sophisticated bot attacks and fraud.

What was the former name of HUMAN?

White Ops.

How many funds have been raised in the fundraising round?


Who led the funding round?


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