Melissa Rauch: The Big Bang Theory Star’s Age, Weight, Height, Career, and $20 million Net Worth

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If you are familiar with the show The Big Bang Theory, you must know about Melissa Rauch. Melissa is an American actress, model, and comedian, and is known for her unique personality. But what makes her more lovable, recognizable, famous, and well-known is the role of Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz, which she played in The Big Bang Theory. That role gives her a lot of fame and separate identity in the competitive world. She is a brilliant actress and performer. 

Melissa’s Height, Weight Age, and The Ocean Color Blue Eyes 

Melissa was born on the hot summer day of June 23, 1980, and now she is 42 years old. She is a pretty woman with a height of 4’ 11” and a weight of approximately 60 kg. The most attractive feature about Melissa is her eyes. She has attractive and beautiful blue-colored eyes. In many of her pictures, she is shown in a baby-cut hairstyle, which makes her look more beautiful, cute, and innocent. And her blue eyes add charm to her cuteness.

Melissa’s Early Life and Education

Melissa was born into a Jewish family to Susan and David Rauch. She has a brother named Ben, with whom she spent many cheerful days. In her childhood, she went to Marlboro High School, where she developed an interest and passion for acting. In her school days, she decided that she wanted to become an actor. At that time, she didn’t know that what she was thinking was really going to be true in the upcoming future. She completed her graduation from Marymount Manhattan College, which is located in the city of light, i.e., New York. She completed her graduation in 2002 and, afterward, she started her struggle for a career in acting. 

Melissa’s Career: From Zero to Hundred 

She started her career in the role of Bernadette in 2009. She played a remarkable role for the first time in The Big Bang Theory’s third season. Owing to her outstanding performance and hard work, she was promoted to the regular series. After that, she played in the series until its end. After the end of the series in 2010, she appeared in many series, such as True Blood, The Office, Kath and Kim, and many more. 

She always remains connected to the series and also appears in the film I Love You, Man. Then, in 2011, she became a part of the comedian’s show, The Realest Real Housewives, where she made a lot of memories with her colleagues. She did great hard work and earned a lot of fame. She gained experience from his past work and co-wrote and co-produced the film Bronze. She also did the voiceover work. In 2017, she became the voice of Harley Quinn in an animated movie, and then she became the voice of Light Thief in Light Riders. Currently, she is working as a rising star in the series Night Court, and at the same time, she is serving as an executive producer. 

Melissa’s Married Life: Remember The Year “2007”

Melissa is married. She married Winston Beigel (her college love) in 2007. The date and month are still to be verified. She met Winston in her college days in 2005, and both of them had a great friendship. They are both interested in writing, and in their college days, they together formed a writing team and worked on several projects. They also conduct and host a stage show. The show was “The Miss Education of Jenna Bush”, which was a hit show and won an award for being an outstanding solo show. After the show, they started falling for each other and finally committed to each other.  

Melissa’s Social Media: What is on Her Instagram Account? 

Melissa is a beauty queen and one can locate her on her official Instagram account, @melissarauch. She frequently shared pictures of herself, her colleagues, and other small and attractive things on her Instagram account. She always added attractive captions to her Instagram posts related to the pictures posted. One of her recent posts is on Oscar’s Kids Day 2k22. 

Melissa’s Net Worth and Salary 

Melissa’s net worth is $20 million and her salary amounted to $500 thousand. 

Celebrating #OscarkidsDay @OscarKidsUS 

Melissa recently posted on her official Instagram and Twitter accounts that it’s Oscar Kids Day and she is celebrating it with this post. In her post, she also mentioned that everyone who is capable enough to donate something should donate in the form of money, clothes, or other things to She said that with your support and donation, treatments will be found for various childhood diseases. 

FAQs about Melissa 

Does Melissa have any children?

Yes, Melissa is blessed with a cute daughter named Brooks Rauch.

Melissa had a miscarriage.

Yes, Malissa has faced a miscarriage in her pregnancy. 

Does Melissa do a good voice-over?

Although Melissa is an actor, she is sometimes known for her voiceover work. She is good at it.

What is Melissa’s husband’s net worth?

Melissa’s husband, Winston Beigle, has a net worth of around $2 million.

Are Melissa and Winston having a love marriage?

Yes, they both had a love marriage and had been dating each other since college.

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